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CREATE your life

What’s the thing that YOU do that makes your senses feel most alive? Excluding all the wonderful things you do in relationship to others, what are YOU doing when your heart center feels as if it’s bursting open and energy moves through invigorating and inspiring you?

Within whatever that—or those—may be, lies your creative predilection. Dancing, cooking, writing, painting, thinking, dreaming, singing, playing… common or uncommon, seemingly predictable or shocking relative to your “personality”… none of the details matter.

What matters is that you allow yourself time doing these things regularly. And I mean good quality time—not time at the very end of the rare day when all the things are “done” and you’ve finally “earned” time to indulge in them.

You have to keep your relationship to what makes you feel alive sacred. It has to be a serious priority, not viewed as a frivolous or nonproductive waste of your time.

It doesn’t matter what your creativity gets you—if it makes you money, if other people applaud it, or if those around you support your efforts with it. Your creative process is for nothing other than YOU—to nourish you, to energize you, to connect you to your soul, and to inspire your enthusiasm and your zest for living wholeheartedly.

If you don’t know what your “thing” is yet, try things on—try all the things, lots of times and in all kinds of configurations. Creativity is your LIFE FORCE. It is worth investing in finding and cultivating this relationship the same as you do finding and building relationships with friends and loved ones.

Challenge any thinking and anyone that undervalues or underestimates your soul’s implicit need for connection to your creative energies.


Dearest You,

Keep your relationship to what makes you feel alive sacred.



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