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some body to love

You’ll receive countless invitations to betray your relationship to your body today.

It’ll come in the form of visual media trying to convince you to feel shame or guilt about your body so that you’ll buy their product or services as a means to feel whole or worthy. It’ll come by means of busy-body-groupthink implying that it’s more important to do and accomplish than it is to take the time throughout the day to relax, stretch, feel less rushed, eat slower, and sleep long enough tonight. Most catastrophically, it’ll come via your internal self-talk from the moment you get up to the moment you drop off into slumber. It’ll happen in the tiny moments where you often without realizing it judge or criticize your body’s shape or abilities and disregard its needs and limits.

Let’s get more conscious about how we make and accept meaning about our bodies. Let’s become hyper-vigilant about breaking the conscious and unconscious habits of relating to ourselves with anything other than love and compassion.


Dearest You,

Your body is worthy of love and respect. Be a critical consumer of any messages telling you otherwise—including from yourself.



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