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let it fall away

Here in Montana fall seemed to come in all its glory right on cue with the first of October. Fall always feels the most poignant of seasons to me, because it embodies that which we tend to struggle with the most as humans: letting go and waiting in the unknown and unseen for the next evolution of life.

The past couple of weeks I used the time reserved for Dearest You and Me to turn inward and energetically join in nature’s sacred ritual of release.

There’s no better time to reflect on the growth that’s happened this year and let go of what no longer serves. Shed outdated beliefs, fears, and habits that are holding you down and holding you back.

In many cases, the loss of those ideas, behaviors, people, places or things will leave you feeling stripped naked. Given how much we try to cover ourselves with identities external from us, we tend to find the feeling of being “exposed” tremendously uncomfortable, which leads our egos to frantically grasp at something—sometimes ANYthing, to take cover under… even that which we know isn’t ideal for us.

But as I look out my window, I see nature brazenly dropping its dressings, revealing itself to the elements with absolute trust the act of doing so will lead to an even more magnificent spring and summer of growth and development.

We do well when we, at our own initiation or in acceptance of dynamics outside of us, allow for the inevitable changing over of life. Loss ultimately can be life giving, and in every case, when we see ourselves still existing despite all that we’ve shed, we realize we aren’t any of those “things”. Rather, we are infinite soulful energy that plays with the “things” but is never intended to feel held captive by or limited to them.


Dearest You,

Understand that loss is often part of growth and ultimately life-giving to your soul.



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