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Have you listened to a concert in person? There’s no musical experience quite like the whole body sensory indulgence of a live performance. A recording of that same show might sound amazing, but it can’t compare to actually being there. What’s more, a recording of that recording (for those of us that remember making cassette tape recordings from the radio) lacks even more.

With each degree of separation between yourself and the origin a little more of the magic is lost. Whereas, the closer you get to the source, the more powerful, profound and enveloping the encounter is.

The same is true for love. When you seek love in other people it can be an incredible experience, one of the best available in life. However, love sought through another is ultimately love felt through at least one degree of separation from the source. It's love filtered through them to you.

You ARE love. You and your soulful, spiritual connection to love within and through you is your purest starting place.

If you aren't allowing yourself to access love within you, or if you aren’t seeking it within yourself FIRST, then you are denying yourself the most rich and powerful form of it.

It’s like standing outside the live show with your headphones on, listening to someone else’s recording of it on your telephone. You’re missing out! Get inside!

It is only by going within yourself that you’ll find the most sincere, compelling, healing and fulfilling communion with love available.

Dearest You,

The most potent love and magic reside within.



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