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don't fear your own roar

What if we have the story about anxiety 99% wrong?

Rarely are we in imminent danger, so our brain’s reactivity to fear is infrequently on point. Common remedies for this such as mindfulness and relaxation techniques are valuable, but sometimes anxiety can feel so powerful that it seems impossible to wrestle our way out simply by remaining still and meditative.

Which led me to consider: If all feelings are just energy, which cannot be created or destroyed, only moved, is there a way to effectively MOVE anxiety as another option to techniques (healthy and unhealthy) that seek to disconnect us from it?

In other words, if anxiety is essentially just an overwhelming flood of energy, is it possible to channel that energy through and out of us?

The answer lies within our creative process. Drawing, writing, dancing, building, moving, playing… the possibilities are endless. And when creativity is accessed as a channel for relieving anxiety, it’s outstandingly cathartic. It not only allows for the discharge of anxiety but also provides a means for transforming what otherwise seems harmful to the system into something meaningful. To be in charge of that evolution of energetic experience is both healing and empowering.

Instead of assuming that the building pressure of energy that we call “anxiety” is something negative to avoid, escape, or be fearful of or frustrated with, we could acknowledge it as an invitation: A call from another dimension of our consciousness to turn inward and get present.

What if the tension in our chests didn’t necessarily mean “danger, danger” anymore and instead meant that our souls were squeezing us, trying to get our attention? What if we acknowledged this as our cue to connect to ourselves and other senses to give birth to something new and powerful within us?

What if we reclaimed intermittent anxiety as our opportunity to align with ourselves, embrace our intuition and cultivate our trust and confidence in our being?

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