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seeds of change

I had a serious falling in love with sunflowers this summer… but of course most of you already know that. Looking at those sunflower heads—each packed to the brim with more seeds than I have the patience to count—makes my heart burst! It astounds me even more when I think that each head came to be because ONE little seed actualized its potential. Literally ONE seed gave rise to one of these massive flowers, overflowing with more and more and more life giving energy.

We cut the heads off the collapsing stems a couple of weeks ago and laid them on our patio table. The next morning we looked outside and nearly half the seeds had been cracked open and eaten! We’ve since had a few sightings of squirrels saddling up for the buffet, stocking up on seeds for the winter. Seeds for themselves, maybe seeds for their babies, and perhaps seeds that will be transplanted and grown into new sunflowers in the spring.

This energetic exchange, evolution and exponential growth is miraculous to me.

And what’s more, this happens all around and within us all. the. time. This dynamic is so tangible in nature that it’s easiest to observe and wrap our heads around it there. However, the same phenomenon happens in seemingly abstract ways too: The thoughts you think give birth to further thoughts along the same lines, which generate feelings, which inspire action, which create your narrative and your reality of life.

Just as one seed has the potential to create a massive energetic wave for itself and the world around it, the thoughts you plant in your mind create the trajectory for your life and for the ripple effects you have on others’.

So as often as possible, let’s deliberately plant the thoughts we want to grow, and for what it’s worth when you consider the kind of “crops” you want to cultivate, I don’t think we will ever lament that we have too much love to harvest.


Dearest You,

One small seed can generate countless more.

The same energetic power resides within each thought and move you make. Create deliberately.



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