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change inspires change

Much of my creative and physical energy these past few months has been spent designing and building out a new office. This week is the final push to complete all the finishing work and details for the suite as a whole.

This process has reminded me how strong an influence our environment has on how we feel. As we move through life creating experiences and connecting with emotion, we lay down energetic trails. This builds moment-by-moment, story-by-story, so it’s easy to go a long time without noticing the accumulation of energy. It often isn’t until we make a change—a change as big as moving and building anew or as subtle as cleaning out a closet, rearranging a room, switching out pieces of furniture… that we feel the shift that often feels like relief, as if the space has taken a giant exhale.

As energy is allowed to move and clear out, room is made for inspiring fresh stories, ideas and experiences. There is a unique window at the start of anything new where we have no ingrained habits or assumptions. For a moment we can’t help but approach life with a “beginner’s mind” and these moments remind us how valuable it is to strive to hold that perspective even as things become familiar again.

What small ways can you rearrange or reorganize your life this week to clear out old, outdated energy and emotions, and allow yourself an energetic breath of fresh air?

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