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let love be everywhere

Love is the greatest healer. No matter the fear or injury, love is an unprecedented power.

When we are in pain or when we are scared, the brain inherently looks for signs of danger in the effort to protect us from further harm. However, that usually ends up generating more suffering than actually safeguarding us.

It’s important that we not let fear control our experience, and that we direct our consciousness to recognize love, safety, support and hopefulness. But this is incredibly hard to do when hearts are aching, and this is where we have the opportunity to support one another and to uplift our neighbors and our communities.

Given that we are often busy, private people, symbols are our allies in connecting and communicating with others succinctly. The safety pin is one of a handful of symbols that represent the love, protection and alliance others can find in us. Without any words, these visual tools translate that those we cross paths with can find refuge and celebration for all that they are with us.

Let’s use our power to place whatever signs and symbols resonate with love to overwhelm each other and ourselves with reminders that love and safe havens are to be found everywhere.

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