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today is your only day

If today's plan was a representative sample of your whole life, how in love with it would you be?

Circle all the to-do and calendar items that feed your soul and nourish your spirit. How balanced, meaningful and fulfilling are your intentions?

Spoiler alert: Today IS your life.

Not only is right now the only moment you can actually live and the only one you are sure to have, but let's get real: If something is nowhere to be found on the schedule, then it can't really be that important to you. If you don't believe it's that important, then odds are you’re not going to get around to it, really.

What’s more, how many things do you commit to daily that actually do very little for you? How much time and energy are spent on a largely unintentional day driven by the overvaluing of doing and being productive at the cost of truly taking care of and honoring yourself?

Challenge your assumptions about your priorities and the expectations you abide by for your life. You're in charge of how you craft the moments that make up your life, and the only person empowered to make any changes.

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