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pen your story wisely

It’s all a story. Every single thing you tell yourself is a story you’ve crafted based on your thoughts, feelings and experiences to date, and no matter how compelling your tale is, I guarantee you there’s always another perspective, another storyline to consider. Always.

This is never more important to remember than when life feels overwhelming and terrifying. When you are grappling with your deepest insecurities, paralyzing fear or crushing shame, storytelling is of the highest stakes.

These chapters feel dark and often hopeless. It seems like there are no more triumphs to be written and certainly no more light to be found. But this perception in and of itself is a story, and IT’S ALWAYS WRONG.

There is no hard or challenging tale that you haven’t made it through. Not one, and this truth will hold for any that you’re in right now or face in the future. All these times require of you is to keep going, keep showing up, and to grab your lifelines with both hands. To the best of your abilities, feed the fear based brain less and create opportunities to hear the divine guidance of your intuition.

The most important storyline in these chapters is the one that reveals exactly how the adversity, the unknown, the overwhelming “breakdown” actually works to break you free from the beliefs about yourself and life that no longer serve you. These are the opportunities to empower your relationship with your soul and sever the shackles of the human ego that so frequently hold you back.

Remember, the greatest conflict occurs right before the climax of a story, and the only way to see the reveal is to keep engaging.

Know that there is always infinite love and support to help see you through to the end.


Dearest You,

No matter how hard or scary, keep going! Your soul always knows the way. Allow it to break you free from any story that binds you.



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