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all the love counts

Part 2 of 2: Your worthiness for love and connection is your birthright. It’s not something you have to earn by your achievements or prove by the status of your relationships in your life.

What matters is only that you open yourself up to healthy, meaningful connection within yourself and toward those you hold dear.

Who you do you turn to throughout the year for support and companionship? Who shows up for you when you need it most? Who do you trust to be vulnerable with? Who is the keeper of the stories that make up your life?

These are your people. Whoever they are. This time of year invites communing with “family”, but don’t limit your perception of connection or evaluate the wholeness and fulfillment of love in your life based upon any one or narrow idea of what family means.

Your people may include your friends, your coworkers, your neighbors, your relatives, your community members, even your pets… and all of them count as family. Genetic, legal and chosen, those you trust within your innermost circle aren’t valued by the label of your connection, because no relationship title makes one connection inherently more meaningful than another.

Don’t feel bad because of who is or isn’t at your table this holiday season. Love is love. Embrace and celebrate it in all its forms.

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