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you deserve more you

Exhale (literally). Be watchful of circumstances in which you tense up (in any form), because when you engage with these exercises of anxiety you constrict life’s natural flow of energy and disconnect yourself from the vitality of your being.

The tensions coming from trying to be “good enough” or prove your worthiness to be loved are born from the ego, the egos of others and of your own, and interfere with the power of union with your soul.

The answer to anything is never in being less of you—only in being more—more honest, more vulnerable, more exuberant, more open, more unencumbered… so be cautious of anything inviting you to be a smaller, quieter, more _____________ (someone else’s) version of yourself.

Consciousness to not forsake your relationship to yourself over anything else is crucial, and this week’s posts will aim to keep this at the forefront of your mind. You deserve to be too busy unleashing the magnificence of your relationship to your soul to be distracted by any other nonsense.

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