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It’s so easy to find ourselves enamored with the idea that life necessitates more complexity than it actually does. The thinking that we have to balance too many things, that we have to prioritize other responsibilities over our own well-being, that we aren’t worthy of tending to our wants and needs until we prove ourselves by meeting everyone else’s first, etc… are all stories that we have crafted. Then we told ourselves those stories (or other people told them to us) so many times that we started to assume they were imperative truths.

I love getting caught up in the untangling and decoding and philosophizing about life as much as anyone, but I am always relieved when I remember that the real truth is that life can be as simple as I decide I want it to be.

You have infinite options available to you, and one of them you ought to consider more often is that you really are the mastermind of your story. You don’t have to buy into unconscious living that negates the meaningful needs of your heart, mind or soul.

Please love yourself enough to reconsider why it is that you’d ever prioritize days and weeks filled with more things that exhaust and deplete you than you would with things that fill you up and nourish you.

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