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do you hear what i hear?

Given that there are infinite story lines, angles and perspectives, the things you decide to focus on, encourage dialogue about, or advise people on are mostly the particulars of life that have important meaning for you.

What’s more, the less conscious you are of the dilemmas and heartaches you need to resolve within yourself, the more likely you may be to project those onto other people. Until you’re clear in your process and comfortable being vulnerable with yourself, it’s so much easier to see the conflicts, lessons and opportunities in other people.

One way to recognize when this is happening for you is to pay attention to when you repeatedly hand out the same insights, validations, advice or “ah-ha” types of moments.

Are you finding yourself talking to people often about self-care? Do you get increasingly fired up empowering people to use their voices? Is there someone you’re persistently pushing to make a big life change? Is there somebody else’s love life you find yourself preoccupied with improving?

Whatever the case may be, if you’re identifying the same thing time and time again, or you’re more passionate or overly invested in something in someone else’s life than really makes healthy sense to be, then maybe that “thing” is really YOUR thing. Maybe you're called to see these things in other people as a means of waking up to your intuition and voice.

Be brave and bold enough to try your insights on your own self.

It’s amazing how once you hear yourself, you’re usually much less concerned with whether or not anyone else hears you…

Dearest You,

Pay attention: Advice that you hand out often to others may actually be what you’re wanting to hear for yourself.



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