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on a hot tin roof

Reflexively we tend to contract from discomfort, but that’s largely because we’ve written an inaccurate narrative about it. It’s much more helpful and valuable to understand that discomfort is generally the greatest cause of change and growth in your life. When was the last time you had the nerve or ambition to make a major change, step out of what’s familiar or risk the unknown without first being uncomfortable in your status quo?

Right… mostly never.

Discomfort isn’t necessarily a warning sign that something is inherently “bad”. It’s simply an indicator to sit up and pay attention: Something important is happening.

Discomfort is the precursor to virtually every new chapter and next level of development, which is why you admire stories of how other people lean into challenges and uncertainty in order to grow into themselves and achieve more fulfilling lives.

Instinctively you understand how powerful discomfort can be. You only need to trust your own capacity to work WITH it rather than just through it.

How radically would your life change if you stopped overvaluing the ease that comes from complacency and collaborated with discomfort as a welcome guide, coach and mentor?

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