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the struggle isn't in vain

Despite the arbitrary nature of a “calendar year”, this week does invite us to reflect on the past 12 months and serves as a means for organizing the stories of our lives.

When you look back on your year, what feelings stand out? What story lines are the most evocative? Hopefully revisiting the year fills your heart with great connection to love and happiness.

If it doesn’t though, know that you’re not alone. For many people I witnessed this year to be especially challenging. Whether it was due to losses, uncertainty, unexpected turns, breakthroughs of conflict, disappointments, etc.… it was a significant year of transition and finishing up of old energetic business.

If any of this was your experience, and it feels as if you’re dragging your heavy heart through the finish line of 2016, please remember that no energy is spent in vain. Any cleaning house or letting go you endured this year will inherently make room for new beginnings, growth and evolution in the year to come. To support and honor this potential, consider taking time in meditation, writing or heartfelt conversation to acknowledge what you accept and release from this year.

Embrace the doors that have closed, paths that have run their course, relationships that have been outgrown, and dreams that have evolved. Celebrate your courage to live consciously, accept the inevitable changes in life, and release any cumbersome attachments that threaten to hold you back.

Let’s graduate from all the classes we finished in 2016 and embrace the new year grateful to be liberated, wiser and more experienced versions of ourselves.

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