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plan B

Keeping your options open is a choice based on the assumption that somehow you are safer or better off preserving a series of outs from your intended course.

Know with every ounce of your being that there are always infinite options available and that at any time you can change your mind, turn around or leap in a different direction entirely. However, also understand that actively cultivating two competing options simultaneously isn’t doing you any favors.

Having one foot in a relationship, career, life change, dream, etc. and one foot out only splits your energy and efforts, undermining the progress of either scenario. More importantly, every time you invest yourself in your “Plan B” (C, D, E…) you effectively send the message to yourself that you either don’t really believe you’re capable and worthy of achieving your Plan A or that you don’t believe you have the wherewithal and creative resiliency to adapt and evolve on the fly when life throws you a curve ball or things don’t roll out exactly as expected.

Both of these are narratives of your fear-based ego. If you breathe that anxiety to the side for a moment, you’ll realize that your intuition knows you are capable and deserving of whatever you most desire. Otherwise, why would you be inspired to dream these dreams in the first place?

Respect yourself, your courage and your soul’s capacity by going all in on what you’re wanting. Stop giving airtime and energy to back up plans that collude with unhealthy limiting beliefs. You’ll only actualize your true power and potential when you stop allowing your fear-based defenses to hold you back.

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