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connect with you first

Whether you choose to participate in Valentine’s Day rituals or not, this week will likely present a number of reminders to consider the relationships in your life. If you are celebrating healthy and dynamic relationships, experiencing pain that is calling you to address your relationships, grieving relationships lost, or learning to tolerate the anxiety of the unknown as you sit in anticipation of new relationships—or any combination thereof—the notes this week aim to support you in feeling safe and loved.

You are exactly where you need to be and the more you can embrace this part of the journey, accept yourself, learn, grow and heal, the more readily you will launch into the next adventure perfectly in line with your heart’s greatest desires.

Dearest You,

Your desire for connection with others is innate, inspired by and for your highest consciousness. Do not reject or consider this ache a weakness. Pursue this call, but be sure to nurture and grow your relationship to yourself first.



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