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make the first move

We often sit in wait for inspiration to strike us before we take action… we will begin a new practice, take up a new hobby, plan the next adventure when we feel like it. In actuality, feelings originate from action, not the other way around. If you get to the gym or outside into nature you’re likely to feel more energized, as opposed to sitting on the couch until you feel the urge to move. If you tackle your to-do list you will feel more motivated versus procrastinating it until you’re excited to take on the next task.

Love is the same. When you reach out to love others, or turn inwards to love yourself, the opportunity derived in the act of love will generate the feeling of love. Imagine holding a puppy, smelling a newborn baby, hugging someone dear to you… the feeling is derived from the action.

Do not wait for others to take action to love you first. Be brave. Make the first move.

Dearest You,

Feelings follow action and love is no exception. Love for yourself and others is cultivated by consistent practices of compassion, empathy, vulnerability and support.

When you want to feel more love, generate that which you seek through initiation of your own action. You're so very powerful!



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