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there is always more

Chapters of life can feel so discouraging, whether it’s because you are more alone than you care to be or because difficult relationship dynamics seem stagnant and therefore maddening. However, living consciously allows you to find safety and refuge in understanding that what you can see in the present moment is never all that is happening.

You trust a seemingly nondescript seed to transform into a beautiful and life generating plant if cared for properly. You persistently expect virtually magic waves of technological energy to bring voice connection or internet access on a tiny device called a cell phone. If you have so much confidence in other intangible energies, then why do you hurt and scare yourself with fears that more is not possible than you’re currently experiencing or aware of?

Every thought you think, every action you make, generates consequences in the energy of the universe. You’ll see tangible evidence of these effects moments, days, weeks, or sometimes years or decades later if you just pay attention. Trust that things are always reorganizing and creating on your behalf and for your best interests.

Dearest You,

There are people you do not know. There are opportunities you cannot imagine. Dare to be vulnerable and enable life's magic by continuing to take steps out of your zone of familiarity. There is more love available to you than you comprehend.

Really. Just keep engaging!



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