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garden of seeds

You can plant an entire garden of seeds, but only those you give water and sunlight to will grow. The same is true of your life: That which you give attention to will grow, thrive and feel most substantial.

Be intentional about what you cultivate in your consciousness and life.

If you want to feel happy and loved, for example, then intentionally narrate the meaning of your daily experiences through the perspective of those feelings. Watch for people smiling at you (they are infinitely more likely to do so if you smile first), be on high alert for examples of kindness and generosity, keep close tabs on how many cheerful gifts you receive (a text from a loved one, a parking spot available close to where you need it, a bunny crossing your path), and so on...

Reinforce and amplify this experience by talking about these moments with others as often as you can. Observe the difference in how you feel and how your life moves when you notice and speak to your stories of love and abundance instead of (or at least more often than) your stories of fear and scarcity.

Dearest You,

There is so much more happening than your senses can perceive at any one moment. Your brain has to be selective about what it attunes to. Be conscious of this.

Love, support and opportunity versus fear, disconnect and scarcity... which experiences will you be mindful to connect with today?



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