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manage your backseat driver

Your soul is entirely LOVE, and seeks connection with your highest consciousness and with others in ways only your energies are capable of. Given all the combinations of traits and experiences in the universe, there is a reason you are in this life with your specific gifts and perspectives.

Remember: The tricky part of your personality named ego is entirely FEAR based. At virtually any moment of growth, greatness, change, etc., it will fire up with all kinds of reasons why you should slow down, play small, hide, get defensive, and so on… Ego really just wants to keep you safe from the pain of hurt and rejection, but the ego is so misguided and limited to seeing things through the lenses of fear and scarcity. While you cannot eliminate this part of your human personality, you can remember its nature and be conscious of not letting it get in the way of shining your light and living your greatest life.

Recognize that fear is part of the human experience, but unless you are in imminent danger, it does not and should not be in charge of how you show up or live your life. Do not reject fear—it will only push back harder. Instead, embrace it. Accept it as part of the journey and show it how to travel along side you when it visits, instead of letting it be in control.

Dearest You,

The more you allow yourself to engage life with the entirety of your being, the greater the experience and potential available to you. Watch for constrictions of your energy. While fear may visit you, insist it travel beside you, not on top of you diminishing your light and power.



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