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empowered storyteller

Inherently a meaning maker, for every experience, you select the details and perspectives which construct the narrative of your life. Your internal monologues tend to be so compelling that it’s quite easy to accept these stories as objective truths.

Here’s the catch—your entire experience is subjective. Influenced by your past, your relationship to yourself and others, and the assumptions you make about what is possible, there are few, if any, inherent truths regarding what any one experience means. Given infinite dynamics within each moment, perceivable from as many vantage points, you are empowered to craft whatever story you want to tell.

How you choose to define existence is driven largely by:

  1. What are you seeking?

  2. What lens are you looking through—Love (your soul) or Fear (your ego)?

  3. What energy are those close to you generating?

Interpretations are naturally biased towards seeing that which you expect, primed by the lens through which you view life. The events that transpire are the same, many you will have no control over. However, you have control over the conclusions you make which shape your experience.

Acting as both magnets and amplifiers, the people you surround yourself with constantly invite you to join them at the level they reside. Gain insight about this by reflecting on how you feel and what themes of communication are prevalent.

More powerful than any details you encounter, consciousness of these influences will transform the story of your life.


Dearest You,

Energy attracts like energy. Be mindful of what you’re saying about yourself in your head and out loud. Be aware of how the people near you speak of themselves and of life. Are you encouraging celebration of yourself and life?



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