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conquer your fear

The most common force causing us to fail to reach our full potential or recognize our true greatness is fear. The funny thing is that it’s usually not that we are afraid of failure – if there even were such a thing. Most of us have experienced some form of failure in our lives and recognize that while it stings, the pain is only momentary. What we fear at our core is realizing that we spent our entire lives believing that we were small, that we weren’t good enough, that we didn’t deserve X, Y, or Z, when really all we needed to do was to have confidence in ourselves and give ourselves permission to receive all the gifts we were intended. This fear of regret unfortunately only leads to further disappointment. Such is the nature of energy; we attract what we put out.

When you release yourself of the fear of scarcity and the fear that you are undeserving, or unworthy, you will grant yourself the freedom to live big, to step into your power, and to have the life you’ve always known you deserve.

Look within yourself and recognize that your life is a blessing, that you were given tremendous gifts to share with this world, and that you have an unlimited capacity for growth and love. Belief in these divine truths will allow you to take big risks, to make life an adventure, to love courageously, and to pursue your dreams and deepest desires. It’s what we were all meant to do.

Even as you read this, you already have absolutely everything you’ll ever need right there within you. So why don’t you go ahead and shoot for the moon?


Dearest You,

Fear comes from focusing on the perceived lack of something in yourself or life rather than celebration of what is presently available to your senses.

You have the ability to release your anxiety as soon as you decide to shift your perspective from scarcity to that of abundance.



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