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our own path

Intrinsically connected, the drive for meaningful engagement with one another is unparalleled. In relationship to others you are able to reveal and learn the most about yourself, reaching more fulfilling levels of growth and consciousness.

However, in joining energy with another person, it is imperative to realize that the only life path you have control over is your own. As much as you love and care for another, you cannot assume responsibility for that person’s life, choices, wellbeing or fulfillment. Understand that the power of being a guide, a leader, a friend, a lover, a ________ lies in offering the love of companionship and support to empower that person to find his or her own way.

When you experience anxiety relative to another person, most often it is because you feel the need to be in charge of what they are thinking, saying or doing for their benefit or to keep yourself safe. The reality is, you cannot be in charge of anyone other than yourself.

You do not know what lessons a person is intended to grow through in this life. Therefore, even if you could control behavior, you would unknowingly be limiting their ability to actualize their greatest consciousness and potentials. As hard as it may be to watch people you love struggle or seemingly suffer, trust that they are moving through life their own pace.

One of the most effective ways to be helpful and compassionate to them is by modeling behavior rather than attempting to control it. In learning how to love and connect with yourself and intuition, you lead and demonstrate to others not only how to engage with you, but also how to love and regard themselves. Love always generates love, and such is the case that loving yourself is the first step to caring about and loving others.


Dearest You,

There are times to support others with love and guidance, but it is imperative to know another's journey is not yours to control.

Your life course is your responsibility. Managing your boundaries and your wellbeing is essential for the health of yourself and those you interact with.



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