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soul's priority

Overly identified with being productive, our priorities are easily misled. It’s commonplace to consume the narrative that we will make time to meet our needs once everything is checked off the to-do list; because rest, play and restoration are allegedly the rewards for hard work and diligence.

This thinking is inherently flawed. Unless it is balanced by the wisdom of the soul, the fear-based ego will never relax into believing it has done enough or proven itself sufficiently. Only your soul understands that your worth and value come inherently from your being, not from your doing. You must nurture and allow the power of connection to this authentic part of yourself; otherwise your human personality will become run down and disheartened. The salvation and relief intuitively sought will never come from achieving.

Instead of fitting in your needs around all the other priorities of the day, consider holding sacred your connection to yourself, self-care and that which inspires and energizes you, letting all the other tasks fit around YOU.


Dearest You,

Consider your soul's priorities before your human to-do's.



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