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conduit for connection

Fear is one of the most overwhelming energies to the human mind. Without practice, when any emotions connected to fear (sadness, loss, anger, pain, insecurity, scarcity, etc.) become triggered, the anxiety center of the brain will cue being hyperaware and overly reactive to the perceived threat of danger. However, remember that the fear-based part of personality is most often grossly inaccurate and distorted in its perceptions. Furthermore, regardless of circumstances, the emotional energies of love (happiness, security, confidence, support, abundance, etc.) are ALWAYS just as available. You have the power and control to choose which energy you connect with. By being consciously aware of the power of your mind and the loving capacity of your soul, you can strengthen your ability to move out of fear and into loving energies regardless of what’s happening. Nothing can be controlled or managed external to you that will be as fulfilling or rewarding as when you experience life from the wise vantage point of your soul.


Dearest You,

Your soul is a conduit for feelings and intuition, but the human mind's comprehension is limited without conscious effort. In any moment, infinite emotional energies are available. Explore connecting to those anchored in love, especially when tempted by the onset of fear.



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