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father time & mother love

Time is a key factor in healing wounds, no doubt. In fact, I often remind clients that there is maximum therapeutic benefit to be had in a given day, and that there isn’t an allotment of bonus points or expedited healing available for being deeply engaged in attempting to heal pain 24/7.

However, it’s important to also not err too far the other way and assume that if you ignore feelings and energy you define as “hard” or “painful” that somehow time will whisk them away from you. Depending on your development of defenses for compartmentalizing and repressing, you may think that time has resolved your suffering. This is only because your consciousness is now disconnected from your awareness of your feelings and all the energy you’ve neglected is acting out on you and your experiences unconsciously.

Most commonly, this results in the creation of more defenses. Symptoms of which may include fear of letting people close to you, anxiety about asking for help, limited empathy for others, decreased engagement in creative ventures, lack of vibrancy in life, negative reactivity to others’ feelings or perspectives, resistance to attaching to people or dreams, etc... In sum, abandoning yourself and your experiences emotionally to the passing of time will result in all levels of difficulty in being vulnerable with yourself and others.

By virtue of being human, you inherently feel every feeling. Your awareness of the presence of emotions is no more a factor in their existence than your conscious awareness of your heartbeat determines whether or not it beats all day long. Energy is happening constantly, in all forms. You maximize your connection to your authentic self, or highest consciousness, by giving yourself permission to allow and lovingly tend to all of the energy moving through you.


Dearest You,

Time alone heals no wounds.



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