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Electronic devices can be some of our most helpful allies, however it’s important to be consciously in charge of our relationship to technology rather than unconsciously allowing it to be in charge of us.

Remember that you have no inherent moral obligation to technology. You have permission to craft whatever engagement with it makes the most sense for your life and wellbeing.

Pay attention to the intentions you set when using your phones, computers, tablets, etc., and monitor how those interactions make you feel. Constant demands for multitasking and the high intensity sensory stimulation that comes from using electronic devices are inherently stressful to the nervous system.

Habitual use of technology is one of the greatest distractions from being mindful. Take time to disconnect from anything that pulls you away from yourself and your full experience of being present and alive.


Dearest You,

Turn off your myriad devices and engage all of your senses in this present moment.



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