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respect vulnerability

Exposing needs and vulnerabilities is one of the most intimate ways connection is offered to another person. It’s a significant act of trust for someone to call upon you for help in the journey of life. Regardless of whether or not your helping another person is a choice you decide to make, or becoming involved is healthy and meaningful to you, take care to acknowledge their openness in a way that honors their risk. It’s a big deal.

The same is true when you ask something of yourself. If you have taken the time to go within and reflect on what you need, please be mindful of the trust you keep with yourself. How often do you let things pass through your mind without taking action? When you specifically ask something of yourself, you are inherently acknowledging that need’s importance in your life. Regard your follow through as critical to your mental, physical and spiritual health.


Dearest You,

When someone asks for - or tells you - they need your help, don't underestimate the great vulnerability they are sharing and risking. The same is true when you ask something of yourself.



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