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lead yourself

Abandonment of this power within you reveals itself in both overt and subtle ways. The obvious moments in your life are often when you intuitively know you’re ready to step into something new—a move, a transition of jobs, an evolution in a relationships, etc.—but you resist and avoid change for fear that other people either won’t approve or won’t be comfortable with your decision.

You potentially engage in the same relinquishment of power in more subtle circumstances. Is your schedule over booked, but still you continue to say yes when you’d prefer to say no? Is there a trip you’d like to take or an endeavor you’ve been dreaming about, but you doubt others would value your investing time and energy in it?

Dynamics such as insecurity, lack of connection to your inherent worth and value, confusion about differentiation in relationships with family, friends, partners, children, etc., and over identification with roles as caretaker and “good girls” and “good boys” all contribute to this internal confusion.

As an adult, you are in charge of what you decide you have permission to do and experience. You need not be afraid to chart your course using your highest consciousness as your guide.


Dearest You,

Permission is what you give to yourself. If you’re seeking it from others that’s a clear indication that you have more to learn and to understand about your worth, value and power.

Love, Me

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