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"mistakes" happen

“Mistakes” are inevitable. If you engage with any capacity in life there will be times when you misunderstand someone or yourself, when your defenses react before your authentic self gets centered, when you seemingly misspeak or misstep, when…. when… when…

These moments in your life are not the problem; in fact they are one of the primary ways in which you learn. Think about the function of pretests in school—those “wrong” answers on the tests were helpful in teaching you where to focus your studying. Remember when you learned to ride a bike—all those falls taught you how to understand how to manage balance.

Making alleged errors is the first step in getting things in line with what you want to learn, grow and cultivate the most. The only time said errors are a problem, is when you refuse to own and integrate the lessons they serve to teach you.

Please allow yourself creative liberty in life. Participate fully, take risks, move outside the lines, and know that when things don’t actualize in alignment with your loving intentions, that you have the power to make something even more amazing by honoring what you have learned.


Dearest You,

When you fail to acknowledge your mistake, you’ve just made another, and missed out on your real opportunity.



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