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narrate intentionally

Great story writing frequently involves an author’s ability to set up a reader’s expectations of what is happening and then surprise them with a new piece of information that turns the reader’s assumptions on its head. These are the stories that are eagerly consumed again and again, because the reader has a different experience of the same words by virtue of a new understanding of what had been happening all along.

The same is true of your life. In the absence of any one objective truth about what is happening, the subjective narrative you write about each and every detail shapes the majority of your experience of it.

Don’t hand the enormous power of meaning and interpretation off to someone else to write for you and don’t allow the fear-based ego, which never feels good or safe enough, to take charge either.

What you tell yourself to expect and the meaning you make has more creative range than you realize. Play with shifting your energy and anticipation and see how dynamic life truly is.


Dearest You,

You’re the only one able to be responsible for the narration of your life. The perspective you choose to endorse determines the entire arc and meaning of your story. Please choose mindfully and lovingly.



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