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try the other door

It’s valuable to be aware that the energies of anxiety and excitement many times are not that different from one another. Since collectively we have such enormous stories we tell ourselves about anxiety, there is potential for a huge shift in experience and understanding of something if you consider whether identification with the vibrant feeling of excitement is a more powerful and accurate description of what you’re connecting with.

This is often then case when you are about do something novel—take a trip, start a new job, have a first time experience, anticipate meeting someone, etc. You’re likely to feel the surge of energy that arrives from the experience of engaging and creating something in your life. Fear based ego will be quick to say that energy is about inadequacy, fear of not being good enough, the risk of failure or rejection, and so on. If you feed that explanation, then you’ll want to become defensive, restrict your energy and be reluctant to take risks, step into the unknown or to engage wholeheartedly.

However, remember that ego is most often wrong, and play with the explanation that all of the energy you are feeling is the vitality of life and your enthusiasm for new adventure and growth. You aren’t scared. You are fervently anticipating LIVING and CREATING! Connecting with this truth will empower you to continue to on and encourage further meaningful and fulfilling participation in life.


Dearest You,

Anxiety lives next door to excitement. Often it’s merely a matter of your perspective.



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