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for best results, use love

There’s a pervasive myth, especially amongst over achievers, perfectionists and restless egos trying to prove themselves: The way to stay on track, keep safe and continue to grow and attain is through persistent critique and relentless demands of self.

Let me be clear—being hard on yourself is never why you persevere and achieve in life—you continue these paths despite engaging in such oppressive thinking and behaving.

Encourage yourself to grow. Challenge yourself to venture beyond the known and your comfort zones. Experience the value in practice and discipline. However, recognize that these are most effective when done in a loving and compassionate manner.

When teaching children to walk, dogs to be house trained, or vines to grow on a trellis, the soul intrinsically understands that this is best and most successfully done with kindness, respect and wholehearted encouragement for the other living being.

The same is true for you. You will never lead yourself astray by authentically loving yourself more. I promise.


Dearest You,

Being hard on yourself isn’t the “how” or the “why” you are able to achieve your goals. Release the heavy criticism and shame and see how much love can do for you. Love,


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