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lincoln logs

One of the fastest ways to shut down enthusiasm and energy for change is to overwhelm yourself by attempting to take on the entire magnitude of the process all at once. If you don’t allow yourself to move forward with an idea until every detail is sorted out from start to finish, and every unknown dimension and anxious feeling is resolved, then major transformations will rarely, if ever, happen in your life.

Instead, start with an idea of what you want to do, be, build, evolve, etc. This is the daydreaming phase, so there is absolutely no need to set limits on what is possible. Then, once you’re fully immersed in the positive energy of what you are desiring, decide what step you need to take today—just for today.

One of the examples I often use to illustrate this principle with clients is to consider what a first meeting with a builder would look like if you were building your dream home. In the first conversation would you expect to pick out all your paint colors, light fixtures, tiles, flooring, light switches, landscaping, fencing, garage door, house numbers, furniture, wall décor, etc.? No, you absolutely would not. Your first meeting might involve a discussion about a budget range and perhaps selecting a lot you’d like to consider. The next meeting you’d start brainstorming floor plans. The following meeting you’d start to select and adapt floor plans… and so on. There is no way you could anticipate every detail and make every choice effectively before you even begin building the house, and there is no way you can do that when implementing any major change in yourself or your life.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in the face of growth and creating something new, odds are it’s because you’re taking on step numbers 10-5,000,000 all at once. Slow down. Back up. Calm your anxiety and any reflexive limiting beliefs of the ego by reminding yourself that you only need to focus on the very next step, because one step is always manageable.


Dearest You,

You only need to take one step at a time.



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