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With so many creative options in life, it’s no wonder you find yourself at various crossroads wondering which direction to turn. If you’re struggling to decipher what your highest self wants to do, move away from the intellectualized pro versus con list making. Your mind can rationalize any decision if you force it to. Instead, attune yourself to the senses of your intuition and allow yourself permission to choose that which facilitates the most fluid and fulfilling energy of life, rather than what might “rationally” make sense.

Question whether what you’re wrestling with is really ego trying to talk you INTO something justifiable, safe, or small, but that your highest self knows isn’t of best service to you. If you give yourself permission to try on “No”, do you feel more relief than disappointment?

While there are no “right” paths to travel - and all roads will lead to more adventure, learning and life - the paths you are ecstatically saying, “YES!” to are the ones you intuitively know will serve your unique and creative life most. Trust your enthusiasm.


Dearest You,

If it is not an enthusiastic yes, give yourself permission to try on no.



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