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you can dance if you want to

The pursuit of perfectionism is inherently driven by anxiety and insecurity. It feeds the fear-based narrative in your mind that your worth and value are determined by measurable objectives outside of yourself. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The notion that your safety, lovability and place in the world can be secured by living an expertly curated existence, neatly drawn between the lines, disconnects you from your innate nature of love, suffocates your creative energies, and creates endless hopelessness and frustration as you impossibly chase an ever-moving and entirely subjective target.

You have the power to release your beliefs that you must, or even can, find refuge in being perfect. Liberate yourself from this anxiety by accepting that you are “perfect” exactly as you are and that you are here to do and experience life in all of its full, amazing, and often messy wonder.


Dearest You,

Perfectionism isn’t ever a path to safety.



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