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break free

Your energy comes from your capacity to create in any and all dimensions of your life. The experiences of building and inventing are potentially the most fulfilling things you will do. Yet you thwart your creative potentials and your power for growth and actualization when you chain yourself to any past creations, specific ideas, or end results.

Life has an ever-moving rhythm. It’s never stagnant or fixed. Allow your thoughts, perceptions, relationships, dreams, identities and beliefs to evolve and move with you. Life will reveal what you need most in real time, and if you’re hanging onto concepts from yesterday you may very well miss today’s gifts.

There’s no need to fear the unknown. Send the fear-based ego to the side and continue to dance with the beat. You are loved, guided and supported always.


Dearest You,

Be careful to not overly invest and attach to infrastructure. The answers often lie in moving with the rhythm of life's energies.



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