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i am.

Much of the language spoken, I am ________________, further entangles the core of “you” with whatever identifier is used.

Language is powerful. Consider the contrast:

“I am sad.” vs. “I am currently experiencing the energy of sadness.”

“I am a teacher.” vs. “I choose to spend energy teaching.”

The difference may seem subtle, but the implications are huge. You are your soul, everything else you encounter and play with are people, experiences and energies separate from you that you choose to interact with.

There are many difficulties with over identifying with factors external from you, one of the most significant of which is the inevitable crisis and overwhelm if you decide that these external variables no longer serve you, or maybe even more terrifying, if you lose one or more.

How can the core of you no longer serve you? Impossible.

How can you truly lose you? Impossible.

This is how you know that you are not actually these external dynamics.

Once you become clear about what is and isn’t YOU, you are liberated to accept the ebb and flow of life, empowered to make and revise decisions, able to trust that all experiences and feelings are temporary, and to have the clarity of intention that what matters most is living in authentic alignment with your soul.


Dearest You,

Don’t overly identify with anything outside of you. Feelings, careers, relationships, dreams… all are observed and engaged with BY you—they AREN’T you.



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