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adventure in the unknown

This is a line from one of our first cards about the binding effects perfectionism has on creativity. We decided the sentiment warranted a card all its own, because the impact is so far reaching.

It’s our fear of the unknown and our attachment to end results that stifle us across the board in life.

Fear-based ego only wants you to take a risk, start something new, open up to an idea or relationship IF you know it will all work out like you expect and IF you are assured you will be “safe”, loved and “successful”.

The reality is that things often won’t go as you originally planned (thank goodness!), and sometimes your heart will be broken or disappointed. However, many more times things will work out more magnificently than you could have thought to orchestrate, and your heart will burst will love and appreciation. This is the point of it all. You have to get out there and experience life in order to feel you are living fully.

We are so busy trying to guesstimate and strategize about what happens next and ultimately at the end that we miss out on the present, which is all we actually have to experience. Further, being preoccupied with knowing everything undermines some of the best parts of life: the thrill of anticipation, the joy of creating and discovering, and the exuberant surprise that comes when life reveals its magic.

Allow yourself to enjoy where you are right now. Give yourself permission to accept that what you have and what you know is enough for today. Propel yourself into living wholeheartedly for the experience and journey of it all without allowing all the “what ifs” to thwart your thunder.

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