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less fear. more love.

Man alive, fear is a tricky beast. It is tremendous at being loud and compelling and overwhelming.

When it gets good and worked up, the fear based center of the brain hijacks the frontal lobe, the part responsible for all the helpful reasoning and problem solving… so let’s take a minute to really consider the data.

For all the terrifying scenarios your mind has conjured up, how many times have the things you feared come to fruition? When things have been hard, how many times were they as hard as you anxiously braced yourself for?

By contrast, how many days have been on the spectrum of decent/safe to fantastic? How many times have you been pleasantly surprised that things turned out alright, not to mention all the times things went better than expected?

The data generated when you consider your past experiences generally supports living more wholeheartedly, and understanding how loved and supported you are while keeping in mind how unreliable fear really tends to be.


Dearest You,

How many days of your life have you experienced your worse case scenario?

Any chance you're giving fear too much power?



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