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The relationship between risk and reward is often real. We accept this as truth in so many domains but often overlook it in the most important one: Within ourselves.

All the goal setting, vision boards and daydreaming in the world aren’t worth anything if we aren’t willing to take the risk and actually DO something.

Whatever it is you want to do, be or experience that is different from the status quo (from feeling more confident, to starting your own business, to traveling the world, to having the relationship of your dreams, to…, to…) inherently requires you to step into the unknown. It mandates you risk the security of who you currently know yourself to be, what you already know how to do, and the familiarity of life as you’re living it.

The fear-based ego implores you, “STOP! YIKES! LOOK OUT!” It is terrified that you are going to experience injury, hurt and disappointment out there in the great unknown and untapped.

Trust that you wouldn’t have the dreams and visions that you do if your soul wasn’t calling you to them.

Yes, there might be alleged setbacks and maybe even heartaches. Undoubtedly the best laid plans won’t always pan out like you intended, but remember, that’s actually so much of the point: To be surprised by yourself and awed by the wonder of life.

There’s always more to discover and gain if you keep reaching. Your life history tells you this. Simultaneously, you, your life, your desires and your relationship patterns aren’t likely to look too different if you don’t actually do anything different.

Remember the old adage: In order for things to change, you actually have to (take a risk to) change something.


Dearest You,

How much sweet vulnerability are you willing to risk to discover everything you most desire?



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