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obsess on the now

How obsessed are you with the moment you’re in right now?

It’s so easy to live our lives waiting… waiting for the weekend, waiting for vacation, waiting to meet our goals, waiting for heartache to heal, waiting for stressors to resolve, waiting, waiting, waiting…

Not only do we waste valuable time waiting, but more often than not, the consequence of conditioning our brains to be anywhere other than the present means that when those “significant moments” do arrive, often we hardly even notice or fully experience them. Nope. Instead when they are upon us we are distracted, already focused on the next thing we think will make us happy, the next moment we think will REALLY matter, the newest concern we are certain warrants robbing our peace in the present…

All that time and energy is spent chasing something that’s always right in front of us.

Every moment of every story line in our lives contains energy worthy of receiving.

The mundane moments allow us opportunity to be still and appreciate simple miracles.

The unknown phases and the anticipation of something wonderful phases set the stage for creativity and daydreaming that are only available before the big reveal starts to materialize.

The struggle and heartache chapters show us strength and capacities within ourselves, as well as others, that we wouldn’t have known otherwise. They allow us to be vulnerable enough to reach out for support, which builds connection, community and intimacy with others in the way that only deep pain can.

So let’s try to engage in less habitual, wasteful waiting and give ourselves permission to receive and connect with all the precious moments life affords us.

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