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fear as your ally

When you’re trying to live a dynamic life it can feel like fear is constantly knocking (or banging) on the door, teasing you out of the peace and fulfillment available in the present. Fear, shame and regret beckon your mind to the immutable past, and fear, anticipation and the fallacy that something better is yet to come lure your consciousness to an unknowable future.

It comes dressed as all kinds of thoughts, but underneath it’s generally fear that you’ve made a mistake… fear that you’re on the wrong course… fear that you’ll make a horrible decision… fear that you won’t be lovable or worthy until you reach some future milestone… fear that happiness is only available in some scenario down the road.

The fear is distracting and painful. At times it feels utterly debilitating.

But fear isn’t actually the enemy. Fear is the opportunity. It’s the flashing lights signaling you to slow down—stop even—and recognize that you’re bumping up against a limiting belief of your fear-based ego. The tension in your chest, the panicked fight or flight feeling when you aren’t actually in imminent danger is the convergence of conflicting energies between the human part of your personality terrified of inadequacy, failure or rejection and the power of your soul which knows that love, opportunity and potential are infinite.

Rather than resisting your fear by turning away or avoiding the thing that scares you, or worse yet, believing your fear and acting in ways that reinforce the myth that playing small is safe, turn towards it. Ask yourself: What misperceptions, misunderstandings or erroneous assumptions is fear helping me to recognize in this moment? And more importantly, what does it mean for my life if my fears are wrong (which they usually are)?

How different would life feel if you embraced fear as your ally, your guide, your mentor, helping you to uncover every hook and weight holding you back from your divine liberation?

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