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you've got this

It’s the assumption that some of the basic tenants of being human are WRONG, combined with running, avoidance, and distraction from these experiences that truly drives our suffering.

What we resist or try to work around will only scream at us louder and push on our lives harder. I know there are dark chapters that make this nearly impossible to believe, but there is nothing that you cannot face. Your soul is infinitely powerful and loving. It’s the fragile human ego that confuses you about your unyielding capacity for courage, grace and evolution.

When you find yourself holding your breath, stop to BREATHE. Relax the body. Ask yourself what it is you are resisting. Trust yourself enough to move beyond what you believe your limits are.

We will never know true peace or fulfillment by hiding, waiting for “better” or “safer” circumstances, or holding out for more ideal versions of ourselves or lives to appear FIRST.

Whatever is in front of you right now is going to show you the glory of who you really are. It’s in consciously walking through the things you’re most scared to face that you’ll find the greatest liberation possible. Know that through every step of it, you are surrounded by profound love.

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